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» Field of Activities » Hydro Power Plants » Delivered » Sangtodeh II Dam and H.E.P.P. -Tajikestan
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Consultant: Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers Co.
Type of Contranct: B.O.T
Location: Tajikestan, Near to Ghazal Village on Vakhsh river - Sarband City - Khatlan Province - Tajikestan
Type of Plant: Surface
Number of Units: 2 Units of 110 MW
Capacity: 220 MW
AAPG: 994 million Kwh
Turbines: Kaplan Turbine, approx. weight 1100 tons (each units), Speed 71.4 rpm, دبي طراحي به ميزان 516 m3/s
Generators: Vertical Shaft Synchronized, ولتاز 13.8 KV, 71.4 rpm, With an approx. weight 1100 tons (each units)
Butterfly Valves: - - -
Transformers: three phase step-up, ولتاِ اوليه 13.8 KV, ولتاِ خروجي 230 KV, with an approx. weight 110 tons (each units)
Type of Dam : Earthfill with Clay Core
Height: 36 m (at deepest point of river)
Crest Lenght: 385 m
Crest width: 12 m
Max of Foundation Width:
Volume of Body: 437785 m3
Reservior Valume : 66.5 million m3
Type of Overflow : دريچه‌دار
Type of Floodgate : Radial, 5 series